In the west of Moscow there is a Baroque mansion with fountain and fancy restaurant EMPEROR. Atmosphere of splendor and celebration is connected with gastronomic trends and Russian local products become main delicacies here.

Gastronomic traditions of different countries are combined in the kitchen of the “Emperor”: Russia, France, China, Georgia, Latin American countries, so every guest finds a favorite dish.

In the menu – Cold veal with marmalade of prunes with tomato and mozzarella salad, Jellied three kinds of meat with pickled vegetables and horseradish, Imperial olive with turkey, Black dumplings with smoked muksun and wild salmon in creamy sauce with mussels, Shrimp, fried Asian style, with Wasabi sauce, Quail stuffed with wild apples, Burned salmon with lime sauce, Venison. We especially recommend fish, poultry and meat, which are cooked on an open fire and smoked on cherry chips. A special section is devoted to the hits of Georgian cuisine. Each dish in the “Emperor” is the result of gastronomic research by a talented chef and careful attitude to the culinary traditions of different countries.

In the evenings guests enjoy live music and wines, familiar and favorite, interesting and fashionable, wines carefully selected for the “Emperor”.

The restaurant has its own secure parking.

About Banquet halls

Banquet complex EMPEROR HALL is a luxurious mansion with its own secure parking.

Crystal chandeliers, gilded staircases, marble floors create an atmosphere of a palace celebration. EMPEROR includes two banquet halls, a restaurant with Imperial cuisine and a light foyer, which is great for a welcome cocktail.


The kitchen of the restaurant EMPEROR and the banquet halls EMPEROR HALL is headed by the chef with rich culinary experience Viktor Osipenko. Victor spent a year in China, studied culinary skills and worked in Switzerland, Germany and France and after long travels returned to Moscow. Here he worked in large gastronomic projects, opened successful concepts and created menu for fashionable restaurants.

“How many cuisines you know, so many times you are a cook,” – says Viktor. He knows Russian, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian cuisines and even Asian fusion. Therefore, the menu of the restaurant “Emperor” combines the traditions and culinary features of different countries, and the emphasis is on the dishes of the kitchens of the imperial houses.

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Pastry chef Natalia Surkova pleases with desserts and pastries in the restaurant and is responsible for the sweet at your celebration.

Light mini-cakes, delicate mini-croissants, desserts with berries or chocolate and other are made in the confectionery of EMPEROR HALL for a cocktail reception. For an important event – birthday, anniversary, wedding, сorporate party, family or children’s holiday – special сake of any complexity and any size, traditional and with individual sketch.