Дата публикации: 06.09.2017

The restaurant EMPEROR opens the doors on May 19.

The EMPEROR restaurant is open in the banquet complex EMPEROR HALL. The kitchen is headed by the creative chef Vladimir Agafonov, who worked in fashionable places in Moscow and has a special love for the Russian product.

Traditions of different peoples combain in the EMPEROR, and emphasis is on Russian and Caucasian gastronomic culture. The restaurant has its own smokehouse, a confectionery and the biggest brazier in Moscow, that’s why we are especially proud of smoked dishes, dishes on open fire and excellent baked goods. The menu is completed by the wines of the Old and New Worlds – they will be appreciated by both classical lovers and those who prefer something unusual and interesting. Here the traditions and the modern approach live in harmony.

In anticipation of opening banquet halls for your important celebrations, we invite you to the restaurant to appreciate the magnificence and cuisine of the EMPEROR.

Вечером под выступление джазовых музыкантов или звуки скрипки еду прекрасно дополнят знакомые и любимые, интересные и модные вина, тщательно подобранные для «Императора».

У ресторана есть собственная охраняемая парковка.